“I’ve always been interested in finance, but I chose consulting because I enjoy the satisfaction of completing complex projects. In this role, I have the opportunity to help my clients get their companies back in order and then move on to help another. There really is nothing more gratifying.”

– J.D. Floyd, CPA, CFO

CFO Hero for Hire

You need an interim CFO, someone with extensive knowledge who can come in, clean up and get your company back in working order. And then you want him to leave. James D. (J.D.) Floyd totally gets that.

J.D. provides companies across the globe the opportunity to engage a dedicated, full-time interim CFO who has the hands-on, executive-level knowledge and experience to assess, manage and resolve financial issues and processes. Once your project is complete, the reins are handed back over to company management – with no expectation or jockeying for a permanent role.

Industries Served

  • Software development
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • IT storage and data management
  • Online media
  • Gas and oil
  • Mining
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Universities
  • Medical product manufacturing and sales
  • Credit card services
  • Technology manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Sports and entertainment marketing